Careers in Global Studies

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What can I do with this major? by University of Tennessee
Types of Entry-Level Jobs for for Global Studies Majors by WayUp, Inc.
Should I join the Peace Corps--Benefits and Drawbacks of Service by Michael Lewis (Moneycrashers, 2017)
Foreign Service Officer Qualifications-13 Dimensions by the U.S. Department of State
Recent Job Postings in Global Studies

What Can You Do With a Major in Global Studies?

A Global Studies major can contribute to almost any organization or business. You will be prepared for a number of career opportunities available at home and abroad, such as:

    • Global Culture Industry: music, film, sports, MTV, Disney, NBA, Coca Cola

    • Global Environment: World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Sierra International

    • Global Health: World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC)

    • Human Justice Organizations: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch International

    • Governing & Financial Agencies: UN, World Bank, IMF

    • International Service Agencies: Red Cross, CARE, UNICEF, Peace Corps

    • International Development Agencies: USAID, relief funds

    • International Business: Sony, Microsoft, Apple, medical and pharmaceutical companies

    • Mass Communication: CNN, ESPN, Rodale International, foreign correspondence

    • Travel & Tourism: travel agencies, global tours, cruise lines

    • US Government Offices & Agencies: Foreign Service, State Department, CIA, FBI

    • International Law: it is increasingly important to understand regional and global legal systems

    • Economic Development: In order to work with programs designed to improve economies we must understand the global forces that shape those economies

    • International Philanthropic Organizations: Many organizations and foundations are tackling global problems of poverty, illiteracy, human rights, lack of gender equality

    • Environmental Management: Environmental problems and issues cross national and political boundaries

    • Higher Education: Issues of globalization are on the forefront of research in many social science disciplines including sociology, political science, history, geography, and environmental studies.

    • Social Services: As our immigrant population continues to grow, we need people who understand the cultures of immigrants in order to best serve their needs.

You will also be prepared to continue your education at an institution offering MA and PhD programs in global or international studies.