International Experience

Global Studies students undertake an experience abroad that provides them with opportunities highly desired in many fields. You will learn to succeed in unfamiliar situations with co-workers or fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures. During your time abroad, whether studying, engaged in research, working in an internship, or volunteer work, you will learn problem solving in new situations with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

This is an invaluable experience for students interested in working in a variety of fields after graduation. Some possibilities for an experience abroad include a semester-long or summer session formal study abroad program; intensive language study combined with volunteer work; volunteer opportunities in a wide array of organizations or community groups; community service. These are just a few of the many opportunities you will have to choose from when deciding where to go and what to do.

Global Studies advisors work with you to determine the best fit that speaks to your interests now and after graduation. This experience kind of “puts it all together” for you – what you’ve been studying at SJSU becomes the foundation for your time abroad. You’ll gain new confidence, friends, networks, and have a good time while doing all that.