Welcome to the Global Studies Program in the Department of Environmental Studies!

The purpose of our program is to better understand phenomena that bridge or know no boundaries and apply that knowledge to becoming better global citizens. Examples of global phenomena include rivers crossing international boundaries, Pokemon, and the complex supply chain that resulted in the production of your smart phone. We pride ourselves on being a unique interdisciplinary degree program that allows students to take classes from over a dozen different departments at SJSU ranging from Anthropology to Engineering. A unique highlight of our program is a culminating study abroad opportunity that our students describe as “life changing.” Global Studies majors and minors learn to look at the world critically and holistically. They also learn to appreciate and understand other cultures. By taking a set of core classes in issue and theory, combined with electives in sustainability, security and technology, development and human rights, and culture and society, global studies students develop the mature perspective needed to thrive and lead in today’s complex world. Recent Global Studies graduates have gone on to a wide variety of jobs right after graduation in education, healthcare, the Peace Corps, and high tech. Annually, several graduates also continue on to graduate school in fields such as law, medicine, and international relations.

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We would also like to congratulate our Summer and Fall graduates: Christopher Justin Meszaros, Hao Wu, Camille Baloloy, Johanna Tuazon Espartero, Nicole Sophia Faker, Robert Tapiador Heylman, and Lena Elise Meadows. Congratulations everyone!

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