Global Citizenship Certificate

Global Citizenhip is an interdisciplinary certificate program intended to assist students and members of the non- student community in understanding the interconnectedness of peoples, genders, cultures, and societies and celebrating the richness of human diversity in global context. Students will develop their own understanding of personal, social, and corporate responsibility to the global community. In a rapidly changing world, it is necessary for college students to acquire the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to adapt and thrive in the enlarged and evolving global context.

Do you want to stand out in the job market? Employers are looking for well rounded individuals. For 17 units (half can come from GE units), this certificate will provide an edge over the competition. This certificate will demonstrate proficiency in an area outside your major to potential employers.

Download and complete the Global Citizenship Form (PDF)

Course Requirements for the Certificate (17 Units):

Complete 2 of the following (6 units):

 ANTH 011: Cultural Anthropology (D1)

 ARTH 070B: Art History, Renaissance (C1)

 ARTH 070C: Arts of Asia (C1)

 COMM 074: Fundmntls of Int’l Comm. (E)

 ENGL 040: Contemporary World Fiction (C2)

 GEOG 010: Cultural Geography(D1)

 GEOG 012: Global Geography (D2)

 GLST 001A: Intro. Global Studies 

 HIST 001A: World History to 1500

 HIST 001B: World History to 1500

 MUSC 019: Music in World Cultures (C1)

 POLS 002: Intro to Comp. Politics (D2)

 POLS 004: Intro to Int’l Relations (D3)

 RELS 070A: Western Religion (C2)

 RELS 070B: Eastern Religion (C2)

Complete 2 of the following (6 units):

GLST 143: Tech, Politics, Int’l Dev (V)

GLST 156: History of Technology

GLST 162: Contemporary Global Issues

GLST 164: Adv. Sem in Global Citizenship

GSLT 167: Changing Ecologies of Globalization

HIST 155: 20th Century World

Additional Requirements (2 units)

GEOG 180: Individual Studies (E-Porfolio Completion)

Complete 1 of the following (3 units)

GLST 188: Special Topics in Int’l Experiences (V)

GLST 189: Global Experience


Note: Students may take GLST 189 either for a volunteer or intersnship abroad or for working with a local community with approval of the Global Studies advisor.  A semester abroad or FLP summer class may also be substituted for this requirement.